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Contact: John Edgecombe, CPA
Address: 4444 Merrimac Ave
Jacksonville, FL  32210
Phone: (904) 388-5700
Fax: (904) 388-7843
Email: john@cpacomplete.com

Most of our clients are like us: business owners and individuals who want to concentrate on doing what they're really good at.

What Complete Accounting Solutions is good at is improving the financial structure and bottom line of businesses and households. We share our expertise in tax and estate planning, as well as retirement and financial counseling.

Knowing we're helping people is more rewarding to us than having a deluxe corner office in a Big 5 accounting firm. Been there, done that.

We hope our new site is useful for you. You'll find tips to help you save on taxes, learn how to protect your assets through proper record keeping, get answers to common questions, and see the latest rule updates. In addition, when you become a Complete Accounting Solutions client, you can use this site to instantly transfer files to and from our office.

We look forward to helping you save time and money, and guiding you on a solid path to success.